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Oscillating grid turbulence in polymer solutions


Context: Oscillating grid appartus are frequently used in laboratory experiments to create low mean shear turbulence and study its impact on different phenomena, among which sediment transport, cell culture, mixing, stratified interfaces stability, mass transfer at gas liquid intefaces...
Most of the fluids encountered in te chemical and pharmaceutical industries, like diute polymer solutions or other complex fluids, exhibit non Newtoninan properties, most of the time pseudoplasticity and viscoelasticity. Turbulence and its influence on mixing in such fluids is still poorly understood.


  • Study the mechanisms of turbulence génération by an oscillating grid
  • Characterize mean, organized and turbulent motion in a tank stirred by an oscillating grid filled with dilute polymer solution
  • Describe turbulence evolution and dissipation in Newtonian and non Newtonian solutions

Methods: PIV measurements, PTV and Lagrangian analysis, POD analysis, RANS modelling

Oscillating grid turbulence (OGT), Rheology, Shear-thinning, Viscoelasticity, PIV, PTV, POD, RANS

LMFA: M. El Hajem, S. Simoëns,
LISBP: A. Liné
LaVision: J. Vatteville, C. Degouet
PFEs INSA GM: E. Worms, A. Lyon, M. Correas-Quijano